About Me

Eric-Photo-UpdateMy name is Eric Middleton, PhD, and I have been providing personal counseling, career guidance, residency advising, and personal statement editing for medical students at the University of Michigan Medical School for over 15 years.  During this time it has been a tremendous honor to have gained what I consider the most precious of gifts from my students- that of their trust.  I return this gift of trust with my absolute pledge and utmost dedication to integrity and honesty in all of my consulting relationships.



Few things are as important as your career progression as an MD. As a medical student Counselor/Advisor, my greatest joy and satisfaction comes from contributing to student’s success in the residency match.   One of the most critical skills I have developed is the attentive and careful editing of personal statements and career advising.  My goal is to provide you with expert and dedicated guidance that maximizes the impact of your residency application and propels you to the next stage of your professional development as a physician.

All of my advising is personalized to you as an individual, and tailored to your situation, goals, and desires.  My standards are exceedingly high, because little else is as important as you putting forth your very best…to get you the residency position you want.  This is the quality of advising that I pledge to you.  In addition, all editing and advising is conducted by me, and is based on my deep and lengthy experience.  No delegation of work occurs. When you hire me as your consultant, you are the focus of my attention!

The foundation of my work…..

Exceptional Experience:  Assisting and advising medical students is all I do…every day…all the time.  This is what I know; this is what I have a talent for; and this is what I love to do.

Personalized Service:  With personal statement editing I consult with you over the phone in real time.  In all of my advising, I approach you as an individual with your own unique background, desires, motivations, and priorities.  This personalized attention is what makes my services more desirable and provides you with added value, understanding, and support.

Quick Turnaround:  Once you engage my services, I go to work for you.  The majority of personal statement editing projects can be completed within one week.  Especially if you indicate that speed of turnaround is important, I will do everything I can to accommodate you within this time-frame.

Diversity:  I have counseled and assisted students from the U.S. and throughout the world including Iran, India, China, Kenya, Cameroon, Eritrea, Vietnam, Israel, Haiti, etc.  I have an understanding and deep appreciation for different cultures and the tremendous benefits that we all receive by exposure to diversity.

Confidentiality:  All of my consulting and advising is absolutely 100% confidential.  No information regarding your situation, or circumstance is shared with anyone.

 I Care:  I understand and respect the rigors, blood, sweat and yes…sometimes tears that you have sacrificed to earn your MD.  Furthermore, I realize this tremendous investment of your time, energy, and finances is dependent on the all important next step, that of obtaining a residency placement.  Sincerely, your success…is my reward.

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Dr. Middleton lives with his family (wife and son) in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he is employed by the University of Michigan Medical School as the senior Class Counselor since 1999