Mock Interview

Your residency interview is arguably the criteria that can carry the most potential for a being a “game changer.”

 Think of your residency application process in two steps. The first step is a “paper” you; your CV, scores, clinical grades, etc. The paper you, gives a lot of information, but it is….not all of you. That is why programs want to see you, ask questions, listen, look into your eyes, shake your hand, —and get a sense of the YOU….that can’t be obtained from words on paper. A strong, in person display of courtesy, kindness, interest, intellectual and interpersonal curiosity, respect, humane qualities, asking insightful questions, etc. are a powerful part of the process that can help you get the residency program you desire. 

 Realize that the interview is about selling yourself and showing residency programs what you have to offer.  Well before starting into interview season, you do a mock interview and get expert feedback so that you make the best impression possible.

 “My practice interview with Dr. Middleton was essential.  Dr. Middleton reviewed my performance and gave detailed feedback on my weaknesses and strengths.  He offered specific examples of missteps with suggestions on how to improve, advice on which topics to expand on or cut short, and strategies for finessing weaker points. I left with more confidence and a better sense of how to be succinct, honest, and engaging in interviews.”  

      -A. B.  Matched in Dermatology

 Most applicants to residency haven’t done an interview in four years, so practice, thought, and more practice are the essential ingredients to knocking your interview out of the park!  Over 16 years of conducing mock interview for my students at University of Michigan Medical school, I’ve compiled tips and tricks that almost no other applicants use….that help you connect with the interviewer and give you the advantage you need.    I also love to help my clients think through problem areas, tough questions, and how to handle an overly aggressive or overly passive interviewer.

Via Skype, we start with doing a 30-35 min mock interview as if it is  the real thing!  Then we spend 40-50 debriefing with a careful, in depth, expert analysis of your interview, how to adjust, improve, and make that jump to the next level to get you the job you want!

To obtain my mock interview services just navigate to rates and we’ll get going as soon as you want to.