Personal Statement Editing


Writing your personal statement can be one of the most frustrating components of your residency application.  As any serious writer will attest, good writing takes practice, yet many medical students are understandably out of practice in this skill area (understandably, you have been focused on acquiring other skills!)  Your personal statement is, however, tremendously important as it allows you to distinguish yourself and gain every additional advantage available. Furthermore, your personal statement is one of your best opportunities to make a positive impact and persuade residency programs to offer you an interview.  Get the help you need to submit the absolute best personal statement possible and tip the scales in your favor!


I have over a decade of experience assisting medical students with developing, editing, and revising personal statements; and, I know what program directors are looking for.  Reviewing and editing personal statements is one of my favorite activities in helping support medical students.  Serving as catalyst for drastic improvement of early drafts to perfected product is exciting and gratifying.

My editing philosophy is best described as direct, honest, and meticulous!  I read each personal statement with exacting care to evaluate your writing on many different levels including: content, word selection, sentence and paragraph structure, emotional interest, transitions, flow, etc. With my services, I will guide you in bringing all of these critical elements together in presenting an influential and persuasive personal statement of the highest caliber!

All personal statement editing feedback sessions are conducted via phone, in “real time” conversation. This approach to consultation is more effective, richer, and superior to “text editing” which is the more common approach of other editing services. Yes…”real time” editing is time intensive.  However, a real time dialogue provides the best understanding to clarify edits and suggestions, which ultimately enhances the end product, your personal statement.

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