Terms and Agreements

By purchasing Tailored Personal Statements services, I agree to all of the following:

Limiting of liability, release from claims demand, or actions by me

Tailored Personal Statements (to be referred to as TPS) will provide services (including editing and consulting) to clients regarding applications to medical residency programs.  TPS will only provide services that are purchased by the client.  All services must be pre-paid in advance of the providing of services. Services provided are limited to the description of services on the TPS website, and no future providing of services or ongoing consultation is owed after originally purchased services have been provided.  All payments made to TPS are non refundable.  Either the client or Dr. Middleton can terminate the relationship between Client and TPS at any time and for any reason. In that event that the relationship is terminated, it is Dr. Middleton’s sole decision on whether to issue a refund and in what amount.  Clients cannot record or share any consulting or conversations provided by TPS with any other parties and services are not transferable to other parties.  Personal statement editing will not exceed past a third revision of a statement and clients may not substitute completely new statements for the additional edits past the first one.  Dr. Middleton will not provide services greater than six months after the date of purchase. TPS has the discretion in selecting the date and times of consulting and editing services.  Confidentiality is guaranteed and therefore editing and consulting services are provided for the applying client regardless of who the purchaser of TPS services is.  The Client must make good effort to provide an initial personal statement of adequate quality and length. TPS does not generate nor create writing to be used in personal statements.  TPS can use any comments made by the Client, as long as TPS does not use the client’s name, or initials.  The academic institute referred to on the TPS website in not associated with TPS and in not way endorses TPS services.  There is no guarantee that services provided by TPS will improve residency match results.