What former students say…

It is with great honor that I write this testimonial/letter of support for Dr. Eric Middleton. With his years of experience in this field, I can say with confidence that many medical students do not have access to someone with Dr. Middleton’s specific wealth of knowledge. And his dedication to his students, with respect to career related advice, and advice in general, is difficult to match. His professionalism and integrity are some of his strongest qualities, attributes that are often few and far between in a field where people are able to take advantage of desperate students, unfamiliar with the system, but willing to do whatever it takes to secure residency placement. Many may have a passion for helping others, but not all of them have a gift for doing so as well. Dr. Eric Middleton is one of those individuals who has been blessed with both, and coming from one physician whose life was touched by his work, I know there are plenty of students worldwide that could greatly benefit from having him on their side.”

Oluwaferanmi O,. MD
Orthopaedic Surgery Resident

“As a non-traditional student with some foreign education, I had several gaps in my training and was unfamiliar with the many roadblocks toward medical residency. Dr Eric Middleton helped me navigate my way during medical school training and residency application with invaluable input. His support came in a package of in depth experience, high standards and true dedication. He has an amazing ability to relate to others which makes his feedback very effective. More than giving good advice, he helped me see my own strengths and weaknesses. Writing my personal statement with Dr. Middleton’s feedback back was an educational experience in itself. Many reviewers and program directors commented on how that one page stood out among all other statements and made them want to meet me in person. I was astonished to hear one recite my opening line months later. I wrote my own statement but it was his advice that brought out the best. Now that I am about to graduate, I strongly recommend to those in need of advice to work with Dr. Middleton. He is the most professional and effective counselor I know and he has my sincere appreciation and utmost respect.”

Mojgan S., MD
Family Medicine Resident

“As my career advisor during medical school at University of Michigan, Dr. Middleton was tremendously helpful as I couples matched into Radiology along with my fiancé, who matched into Radiation Oncology. In addition to being very knowledgeable about the ERAS application process, Dr. Middleton took the time to know us as people and tailored our application strategy accordingly. In spite of our doubts regarding the strength of our application, he encouraged us to apply to California – we ended up matching at UCSF and Stanford! I am very grateful to have him as an advisor during medical school and highly recommend his services.”

Hriday S., MD
Radiology Resident

“Dr. Middleton served as the class counselor during my time at the University of Michigan Medical School. He has been an excellent listener and in his capacity has been a powerful advocate for the students. He has provided both kind words and gentle encouragement as well as firm guidance when he felt it was necessary. Dr. Middleton makes a concerted effort to understand people from cultures different than his own in a non-judgmental and caring manner. This skill allows him to integrate the student’s plans and desires into a career path in which he or she is likely going to succeed. Additionally, due to his long tenure with the University of Michigan he knows what it takes to get where you need to go.”

Latifa S., MD
General Surgery Resident

“I completed my medical degree in Lithuania (in English) and then the licensing exam and internship in my own country, Israel. I found Dr. Middleton’s guidance immeasurably helpful, he:

  1. Explained the US residency application components and timeline,
  2. Reviewed my academic background, professional history, and USMLE test scores and discussed my strengths, weaknesses, and potential strategies for improvement,
  3. Explained that a unique, personal essay was better than a generic one and helped me to prioritize the many goals, accomplishments, and stories I wanted to share with reviewers.
  4. Boosted my confidence when the process seemed overwhelming. At times, he seemed more certain of my potential to succeed than I was.

Of course, I had to WORK INCREDIBLY HARD. But, with Dr. Middleton’s guidance, I was always certain it was THE RIGHT WORK. He opened the door for me here. I will be forever grateful.”

Iris F., MD.
Psychiatry Resident

“I am so very grateful to you for everything. My personal statement was a huge success and I owe this to you. If it weren’t for you, I would not have had the courage to write about such a meaningful topic. But it turned out to be the best thing I did.”

Iram A., MD
Otolaryngology Resident

“Dr. Middleton proved to be an invaluable asset. He offered hard advice and encouragement every step of the way. His knowledge, professionalism, warmth and empathy helped me to refocus my story into one of a worthy and confident candidate for a moderately competitive specialty. Knowing where one wants to go is important but only a part of journey…knowing how to get there is priceless. I am grateful for Dr. Middleton’s unparalleled commitment to me…I am exactly where I wanted to be.”

Anita M., MD
OB/GYN Resident

“Dr. Middleton has supported me through a number of sensitive issues through the years with the utmost tact, kindness, and empathy. Dr. Middleton is instrumental in the residency application process at our top-tier medical school, from whole-class presentations to individual counseling, advice, personalized reminder emails, and even mock interviews. His intimate knowledge of the residency application process has helped me and my classmates through this complex and confusing time. I am grateful for the high-quality, comprehensive, and emotionally sensitive support from Dr. Middleton, and expect nothing less from the University of Michigan Medical School, which is well-known for providing excellent student support.”

Kate S., MD
Family Medicine Resident

“Thanks Dr. Middleton-from drafting a Dean’s letter for me to counseling me about my options, and acting as a sounding board for my ideas. You’ve been an amazing counselor: always receptive to my needs and concerns and sensitive in your dealings with me and other students. Please know that you are truly appreciated for all that you do.”

Daniel K.
MD/PhD Candidate

“As a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, of the many advantages that my family and I remember of attending that fine institution was all the help I received from Dr. Eric Middleton. Dr. Middleton worked tirelessly in improving all aspects of my medical school experience. He had the most up to date information regarding the match, he was always insightful in helping me edit my personal statement, and was able to give me honest, yet supportive feedback about my specialty choice along with my performance at school. Looking back, I’m surprised at how much he was able to help me with–that is a testament to how hard he works. I can’t say enough about not only Dr. Middleton’s professionalism but also his integrity as a person.”

Sahand R., MD
Internal Medicine Resident

“Dr. Middleton showed me an unparalleled sense of commitment. He worked one on one with me in giving candid advice on my personal statement as well as advice on career decision-making. He is a gentleman of highest integrity, strong commitment to his students with an honest desire to help you succeed. His demeanor is uncharacteristically calm even in the face of challenges. His dedication is unsurpassed and his helpfulness in shaping a future career has been unparalleled in my experience. His years of experience have yielded hope and happiness to me on a personal level. His simplicity has earned him a lifetime admiration from me. His ongoing contacts and investments in my future has made me humble. He is such an incredible person and advisor that I will never hesitate in showering his praises.”

Fausta D., MD
Internal Medicine
Gastrointestinal Fellow

As an international medical graduate and a new immigrant in the United States, I needed assistance with my personal statement portion of my application. Dr. Middleton’s help was of great value to my successful match. He explained the culture differences in terms of my application and American clinical practice; he analyzed my strengths and weakness; he elucidated the key points to write different personal statements. All of these were extremely helpful to my application. Besides Dr. Middleton’s great professionalism, he is also a very nice person. I had never met him before, however, I went to him for help several times throughout my application and interview season. He encouraged me and boosted my confidence in myself. Finally, I made it! I would like to give Dr. Middleton my strongest recommendation without reservation!”

Layan Z., MD
Psychiatry Resident

“I had no idea of how to write a resume, or a personal statement when my friend referred me to Dr. Middleton. She told me that with his help, she had been accepted to interview at every medical program she had applied to, and insisted that I get his help, too. I was really surprised by his inspiration and understanding of my situation (arriving from Iran and restarting my career), and the most important thing was that he didn’t write a resume for me, instead, he taught me the art of writing a resume. By using his advice, I could write not only a resume to apply to dental school, but also to apply for a job. The same was true about my personal statement, and I was deeply amazed by how he led me to find my strengths and weak points, and the patience he showed to make me feel much more confident about myself. And he didn’t stop there, as he has promised to stand by my side until I have my interviews, which has provided me with a huge relief from anxiety. I do recommend him strongly to every one who wants to make a successful application for professional school.”

Azita B., DDS
Dental School Applicant

“Dr. Middleton helped me immensely with my personal statement by organizing it around a central theme that portrayed me in the best possible light. Dr. Middleton knows what program directors are looking for in a personal statement. He gave me clear, honest feedback and was dedicated to ensuring that I succeeded in writing a high quality personal statement.”

Lauren H.
Med-Peds Resident